10 Ways to get unstuck when writing

Often a writer is thrown into the chaos known as being stuck. I don’t use the other term for this, I prefer stuck! It is horrible place. Full of pits, black holes, missing time, and large amounts of writing they don’t remember.

This can be somewhat troublesome when trying to finish a manuscript, not to mention when trying to get the MS off the ground. For new writers this can mean death of the writing career. Pushing through this chaos and finding why you are stuck is the important part.

Here is a list to help:

#1. Take a walk – It sounds trivial, but it works. This can mean going around the block, or going for a drive. Either way get your head out of the story. The longer your head is in the story, the more likely you are to stay stuck.

#2. Meditate – For those that have never done this, I encourage it. There are many types of meditation. Mindful Meditation is what I recommend for this situation. Mindful will get you away from things and will help you refocus.

#3. Let someone you trust read it. – This can be your boyfriend, girlfriend, spouse or whatever you call them. They have not been staring at your writing and will have a clean vision of what may be needed.

#4. Read! – This is simple, but effective. The topic isn’t as important as that you are reading. But, it shouldn’t be research for the book you’re writing, I can’t say that loud enough. That may bog you down worse. It should be something off topic from your work.

#5. Clean – Some of the best moments are those when we are cleaning or doing menial chores. Cleaning, folding laundry, dishes things like these that get you away from your writing area are important.

#6. Watch your favorite Movie – There are two reasons for this. One, to figure out why you like the movie so much, if you don’t already know. Two, to figure out how the writer got everything to come together so well.

#7. Play – This can be a video game, card game, with your kids or whatever. Getting away from the subject is important.

#8. Music – Listening to music can change the tone for any kind of art. My wife knows what I’m writing by the artist I’m listening to, but I have changed when I’ve been stuck before with amazing results.

#9. Do something crazy with the story – This is one that I have used recently and it works. Think of the oddest thing that could happen to your MC and do that. Sometimes it works really well.

#10. Clean out your e-mail – I know we all hate to do this one. But we have to do it sometimes. This one can take a few hours or…longer.

I hope this list helps anyone looking for help. These are the things I do when I get stuck.


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4 Responses to 10 Ways to get unstuck when writing

  1. susielindau says:

    Great advice! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Great advice! I have especially found reading, walking, and meditating to help me get unstuck. Thanks for sharing!

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