2012 is going to be an interesting year.

Holding the future in my hands.

This statement doesn’t mean anything anymore. It’s overused and has things in it that we simply don’t care about. We control our own future is what I like better. I’ve read a lot of philosophy–I’m not going to start reciting Aristotle–and by reading I believe we control our own fate. There is no magical force. I’m not talking religion, I mean fate.

Controlling your own fate is something that I completely believe in. It is the reason I get out of bed and go to work. For if I did not go to work and control my actions my wife, our two kids and myself would be homeless.

Moving forward

This week starts a new year. With it comes change. These are good changes for those that have followed the blog. I’ll be using my tumblr blog as well for some stuff. I will be busy writing on the two blogs and with my other writing. If I don’t say hello on Twitter or Facebook, my apologies.

I will focus on getting better at writing in the next year. This will come in posts and in other ways. I also plan on taking trips to shelters with my son. He needs to understand that money and material possessions are not as important as they seem.

I also plan on moving the blog to a web hosting and away from WordPress. I will let you know when this happens ahead of time.

Same schedule, different emphasis

With the blog schedule I will keep up the same schedule. Monday will still be for Writing, Wednesday will be a day for sharing something Inspirational. Friday will be the day to or Reflection on the past week or as another topic. I may add other days as I did with Thursday Dharma posts. I will do that again when my son and I visit our first shelter.

The emphasis will be more on change and what I can do to change things or to help people change. The life changing event that happened to me in the past couple months has given me a focus and an understanding of things I didn’t know I could have. I want to share what that is like, or at least try to explain it.

Be more…me.

There are many bloggers out there, as my fellow bloggers know. Finding your way, letting your hair down and being who you really are is scary. The one thing I want to do this year is be myself, more than anything. Once you know who you are and what you’re capable of people will notice you.

Life took many detours to get me to Las Vegas and to get me writing again. It was those detours that made me who I am and I’m no longer afraid of showing that. Being myself in my writing and everything else is important this year.



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  1. paulastewart55 says:

    Yes Brian!

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