The year of honesty

Honesty is the first chapter in the book of wisdom. ~Thomas Jefferson

Over the last year I’ve found like minded bloggers. Dad’s that blog, write and care about their kids.

I’ve found myself following them on Twitter, reading their blogs and marveling and some of the topics they come up with, the followers they have and wanting to be like them. Reading their blogs I found out I wasn’t honest with who I was. I built this thing around me that I was going to write this way or that. Well, I guess we discover these things to discover what is missing in our writing. For me it is honesty.

This is one of the things I swore I would do at the end of last year, being honest with myself and with you the reader.

So let’s start anew, shall we.

I live in Las Vegas, yes that Las Vegas. The place with all the slot machines and table games.

I’m a Barback/Bartender at a hotel on the Las Vegas strip. Among the things I’ve done with my life I count my kids, and my wife as those most precious to me, “cue Gollum voice.”

I can be a huge smart ass, my wife and co-workers will attest to this. I write and have story ideas come up more times than I’d like to say.

I have Scottish blood in me which shows when my temper flares up. My Scottish heritage is something that I’ve started to look into and may be featured in the blog later.

I’m a Buddhist and have been for the last ten years. My Buddhist belief is something that I only recently began talking about because a lot of western thoughts on Buddhism are so odd.

My kids for all purposes are called the King, because he is named after one, and it’s not Elvis. My daughter is the Princess for the same reason. I will rarely use their true names on the blog and when I do there is a reason behind it.

My wife is an artist who in the last year began painting again and I will show some of her artwork on the blog from time to time. You can follow her on Twitter here.

I have a relative that is published and is doing well enough to write full time. She has helped me with my writing and has done so without my asking. She is an amazing person and I count her as one of best advisers.

I have written stories in Y/A, Horror, Sci-Fi, MG and have some that could be thrown in as a mish mash of any of these. I am currently writing a book with Y/A-Sci-Fi themes and also have another book that has to be written but has caused me so many problems I’ve deleted all the files on purpose. Sometimes we need to do that to get away from things.

I look forward to more honesty and what happens the rest of the year. I have a lot of plans and will be very busy, but I will always be honest with who I am and with you!


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2 Responses to The year of honesty

  1. Sound solidly centered. Always enjoy your posts. Really impressed you were brave enough to delete the files of that troubling story – good plan. It will probably simmer a while in the dark recesses of your mind and will surface in better form someday – or you’ll find uses for pieces of it. Live brave, true and with joy. 2012 is off to a good start.

    • BB_Baker says:

      Thanks Philosopher. I loved the story, but sometimes getting rid of the story altogether is what’s needed. I’ve been trying to write it for the last couple years and it has been a lot more stops than starts. It’s a great story, but for some reason I have trouble with it. I’m hoping this year I figure the story out.

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