Playing chicken with a 2 year old


Since Christmas my daughter, the Princess. We call her that not because we’re stereotyping here in the girl role model, but because she loves pink and her name shortened is the same as a Disney princess.

Back to what I was saying. Since Christmas she has been “Sleeping” in her crib that we converted to a toddler bed.

Since New Year’s she had been getting out of the toddler bed and coming into our room, wanting to sleep with us. We finally after five hours of my wife dealing with her gave in. This had been going on for the past week now. Yesterday we had enough and put the bed back to a crib.

Well, to steal a phrase from Joker, “She didn’t like that, not one bit. And went off crazier than usual.” She screamed last night for fifteen minutes and my wife had enough, so now I was thrown into the game.

I walked into her room, checked to make sure she didn’t need to be changed or anything else was wrong and told her to lay down. I sat in the corner in a banana chair my in-laws bought her.

I sat there, watching her watching me, for at least twenty minutes. Every now and then she would make some noise with her blankets. I would tell her to lay back down an go to sleep. This went on for about an hour, it may have been longer. I was tired and lost track of time. It was late, I was tired and after the past week my wife needed a break.

So I sat and played chicken to see whether I was going to fall asleep before she did and listen to her scream as I woke up in a panic.

She fell asleep, I went back to bed and she woke up two hours later and we played the game again.

Needless to say, caffeine is a food group today!

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