Chasing the muse over the cliff


Faceless and mirrored I follow the muse as she stumbles down the path muddy path. I see her feet release from the dirt, leaving a footprint to follow. She turns toward me her wet raven hair pressed to her scalp , her blue eyes staring into mine and I know that we’re almost there. She takes another step and I see the flowers come up with her feet.

She takes a turn, touches the tall redwood, ducks under a piece  of brush and disappears from view again. I follow the  muddy footprints, they lead me around that corner, giving me hope of something else. I catch another wisp of dark hair and she turns again, this time a smile crosses her lips. I see the white of her teeth this time. She is smiling. Is she really smiling? This is the first time I’ve seen her smiling, we must be getting close.

I see her ahead of me, she has stopped at a cliff. I look at her, finally able to catch my breath.

“What’s the matter?” I say.

“Nothing, you have to jump. It’s the only way.” She tells me, her eyes twinkling like the midnight sky I’ve only barely noticed.

“If I jump, what will happen? Won’t I get hurt? I could break something.” I say looking over the edge, dirt pushing from underneath my bare feet slides off the edge, falling into the darkness below.

“If you don’t jump how will you know? You can’t go back, there is nothing for you there. There is more ahead than behind, always remember that. I will wait for you at the bottom.” She says and jumps, soaring like an eagle until she vanishes in the darkness below.

Looking over the cliff I see the pitch of nothing. Then I hear it, “Jump you fool, I’m here, just jump.”

Turning to run the other way  I see it, rising up the shadow casts a darkness that blocks all light.

“You can’t do this.” The shadow yells, spittle flying from its mouth.

“Yes, I can.” I yell back to it. It runs toward me, but I’m too fast and turn before it catches me, jumping from the cliff.

Listening to the wind whistling past my ears. I feel the small cuts of the leaves and branches as I rush past them.

I seem to fall forever until….

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2 Responses to Chasing the muse over the cliff

  1. susielindau says:

    …you wake up! Beautiful!

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