My son is Batman

It flicks on, the familiar whirring of bats. The masked man stands on the building and the boy presses start. Then it begins:

A few months ago I bought Batman: Arkham City for my son and I. We are both comic book freaks and I love Batman. I started playing for a while I was doing good. Then I let him grab a controller. He was possessed.

There are different modes for the game: Story – Runs you through a storyline set in the game. Riddler: This is a series of events where you take down bad guys against a timer. My son is amazing at the Riddler mode. It is not that he takes the enemies down fast, but how he takes them down. Let me give you the reasons I’ve always loved Batman, it will help you understand.

5. He has a lot of money to buy cool toys. This is something I’ve always found cool, especially as a kid.

4. He lives in a Mansion. As a kid things like this were fascinating to someone who didn’t grow up with much.

3. He is able to do things we want to do but will get killed if we try.

2. He gets really hot girls. This is something that appealed to me when I was a teenager. Now I know most of those really hot girls were nut jobs.

1. He uses his intellect to beat the villains. This is something that, as I got older I fell in love with more than anything else.

Back to my story about the King and Batman:Arkham City (B:AC). I struggle with the timed events because I try to just beat the crap out of the bad guys. The king however, he does something that I found interesting. He doesn’t take them head on. He did that at first, and got killed a lot and threw things. That stopped fast, along with his playtime until he promised he wouldn’t do it anymore.

Now he has a new plan of attack. Beat the bad guys, but do it with your wits. He(Batman) will sit on one of the posts and wait until they are separated. Then he will attack, but with  the batarang or some time of explosion to incapacitate the enemy. The first time I saw him do this I said, “You’re doing it wrong, you’re supposed to attack them.” He responded, “No, watch.” My wife did the same as him. She’d been watching him play while I was at work.

He would take a room of ten or more targets down without throwing a single punch. He still does. So I’ve decided there is no other answer.

My son is Batman!  


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