Leaving Las Vegas?

Looks as though things are moving fast the past couple weeks. My wife finally agreed that we need to get out of Las Vegas and move somewhere that is better for our kids. This is preliminary, but we are talking to rental agents and I am looking for a job already. Wife will be able to transfer since her job has a place where we could be moving.

The good thing about this is I will possibly be able to work part-time and write most of the time. This is a big plus since I’ve been wanting to be a SAHD for a while.

This is something we are not rushing into, so all you naysayers can just sit in the corner for a while with the dunce cap.

List of reasons for and against moving out of Las Vegas:

For: Kids get a better education, I get to write, kids get to experience stuff they can’t here (like snow and seasons), will be able to take my son fishing, be in actual mountains (not bumps in the ground), will feel like my kids have more freedom, won’t come home smelling like cigarette smoke.

Against: Move away from family, son will leave his friends, leave my friends, lose our good health care.

I know which is bigger, but I knew that before I started writing it. This is a big thing for us. It will be hard, but I know getting away from Las Vegas and being able to raise our kids in an environment that supports the arts and diversity is better than one that closes art galleries every other week.

We’ve been here for almost fourteen years. It’s time to go somewhere else. I know what the place we’re going to has to offer, and it is more stuff for our kids than Las Vegas has to offer and right now Leaving Las Vegas sounds like a great idea.

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2 Responses to Leaving Las Vegas?

  1. Wow. That is a big commitment. As long as you both will be happy, as well as the kids, that is what matters most.

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