More added to our to do list this year! Boise

The things that happen to us sometimes come at us fast, so fast in fact the leave us spinning like tornado. This week had a lot of things happen that I was hoping for and a few that were surprises.

The week began with more writing than I’ve busted out in a long time. I wrote a few short stories and got some work done on my MS. I also did a few changes with the blog, made some other minor changes to a few of my apps. On Thursday I had my colonoscopy, something that I hated to do but it is better knowing everything is good than worrying about it. The biggest thing this week is our “possible” move.

Something we’ve wanted to do since our son started school in Las Vegas is get out of here. Nevada is ranked one of the worst in the U.S. in education. We are moving to a place that is better. Better for our kids, for us and for reasons I listed in Wednesday’s post.

Now that I’ve talked about reasons, let’s talk about where we are moving to. It is a place that our kids will be able to experience the things we had growing up, seasons, winter, sledding, fishing, mountains and the outdoors. Being able to do this is something I’ve wanted to do for a while, my wife recently said, “Okay, let’s see what it will take.”

Boise, this is a place that has been our list for a long time. We had looked at moving to the northeast, but financially it would have been harder to move there. The biggest part of moving where we are moving is my wife can transfer jobs. I will have to look for a job bartending, but it’s a college town and the state capitol of Idaho.

We will be closer to things we want to see, Seattle, Portland and Vancouver and Boise has two Buddhist temples. This move will be trying on all of us, but I know that getting our kids out of Las Vegas and to an environment that is better for them will also make it easier on us. I am also hoping that getting out of Las Vegas will make my migraines go away.


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3 Responses to More added to our to do list this year! Boise

  1. This is awesome, Brian! I’m so happy you guys are taking your future — and that of your kids — into your own hands. Geography is a silly reason to be unhappy, something I learned when we moved to upstate NY from CA. Boise sounds wonderful and right up your alley!


    PS. Sorry I haven't been on top of your news. Now that I have a Page instead of a Profile on FB, I don't have a Feed and am not able to leave comments. It sucks!

    • BB_Baker says:

      Thanks Michelle, and no worries. I know you’ve been busy writing. The thing with the page does suck. We are both excited to be getting out of Las Vegas and to somewhere better for our kids. Thanks for all your support Michelle.

  2. Great plan – worth the effort.

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