Seeing the gold dome when I was under anesthesia

On Thursday I did something I’ve only done once before, I won’t bore you with the details only that it was a colonoscopy. The results were fine. Every thing’s good, nothing to worry about. It is not the colonoscopy that this post is about, though if you find abnormalities in your bowel movements, cramping that you can’t explain or other things please get checked out. This goes for males and females.

It is what happened while under anesthesia that has me tripping out. Normally you are not supposed to dream while under anesthesia, you just kind of sleep. Your body doesn’t get to that deep REM sleep that is associated with dreaming. It is something I’ve looked at today online since this occurrence. Here is where the weirdness happens.

When the anesthesia hit me I went out fast, faster that I the last time I had the procedure done. I remember a sensation of floating and then, just before I woke I remember standing in a room with six or seven people, people I didn’t know.

I heard someone talking, I believe it was one of the people to my right, I think I stood somewhere in the middle of the group. I can’t remember what was said only that we stood before a large gold dome shaped thing. This dome had a pulsing glow to it. Let me say that I am Buddhist so any type of white light didn’t occur.

This was something that as a Buddhist I am confused about. It wasn’t the classic, “near-death experience.” I heard my nurses talking and there were no complications during the procedure. I am stumped as to what to call this “Event”, for that is the only thing I can think of to call it.  It was something that I woke from and felt a sense of peace. That everything was going to be alright.

I’ve had OBE’s since I was a little kid, most people call them flying dreams, but they are something else. This was not one of those, this felt different.


For more information about Colon Cancer look here.

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