Where has Jazz been my whole life

Eight years ago I was talking to one of my co-workers about music. He knows a lot more about music that came before my time than I do, not because of his age but because he is just like that. We started talking about blues and I told him I’d only listened to a bit since my dad didn’t like me listening to it because of his own reasons. My friend thought this was stupid, I agreed. He gave me a list of artists to listen to Little Walter, John Lee Hooker, Robert Johnson, B.B. King and Luther Allison. These are artists eight years down the road who I’m in love with.

But it wasn’t this discussion about music that I wanted to write about, I just got carried away, I love music, it happens. We were talking about Jazz one day, something I had never listened to, at least I didn’t think I had. I bought the soundtrack for “The Last Time I Committed Suicide” because I loved the music. Anyone who has seen the movie knows it has a lot of jazz in it.

At the time I had never heard jazz, I was twenty-five or so, I grew up mostly in Utah. It was just one of those music genres I never listened to. So, after talking to my friend and discovering that I’d already listened to some jazz I started listening to more. My wife doesn’t care for the free jazz, which is one of the styles I really like.

This week I purchased Miles Davis “Kind of Blue.” This is the jazz album, always at the top of every all time jazz best of lists. I’ve listened to it a lot this week and I have to say where has this music been my whole life. I feel like the little kid that just discovered candy.

The horns, the piano, the drums. Everything about this album is art. It is one of those times where I look at the album and stare at it on the turntable like a magic elf is going to pop out and sprinkle some dust on me.  Kind of Blue dust, the dust that just makes you feel good.


More Miles Davis:

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