Beware the cookie girls are here.

*Photo From Wikipedia

There are few things as scary as a Girl Scout troop. Their green outfits make me think of the Grinch and his theft of everything in Whoville.

I’ve been watching them at work recently, hawking their wares. Their list growing bigger by the box. It makes my stomach turn to think of all the people turned into cookie junkies this time of year. Not only do we have Valentines Day to deal with and all its chocolate, we have to deal with the devil in green and all their cookies.

Staring at the gathering of them around the areas where they congregate, churches, schools, workplaces and how dare they stop me when I go to the store to ask me to buy their wonderful, delicious, amaz….wait…where was I?

It is these cookies, and their troop leaders that will be the downfall of society. I see them turning into, dare we say it entrepreneurs and businesswomen. It is such a shameful thing to have these girls selling these things. Making us feel like we have blue fur and should be singing about ABC’s and the wonders of being a kid.

The cookie girls are here. I’ve seen them lurking. I’ve watched them staring at me, their faces all smiles until I walk away. It is then with a backward glance I see them high-five each other like a drug dealer after a sale.

Is it bad that I want to eat these Girl Scout Cookies, is it so bad that they are so go…never mind. I see the boxes staring at me when I cross the parking lot, blue, yellow, orange, purple, red, pink and the green, oh yes the green ones. Those are how they get you with the green cookies. They give you one taste then you’re hooked.

These are the things they warned you about when you were a little kid, don’t give in.


*No cookies were harmed in writing this post.

*Support your local girl scouts!

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3 Responses to Beware the cookie girls are here.

  1. loustar02 says:

    As a cookie fan and a Girl Scout (albeit of the UK, not America) I really enjoyed your post. I am afraid I am likely to give in and eat said cookies. Mmm, cookies.

  2. They may not have been harmed while writing it but there were quite a few that didn’t make it while reading it. 😉

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