I can’t afford the cameras, but my iPhone lets me improvise.

When I’m at electronic stores, Best Buy, Fry’s. I look at games, movies, music and new computer hardware. I’m kind of a geek like that. One thing I always look at is cameras. For some reason I’ve always loved to look through a lens.

When I was younger, I remember getting a cheap camera and went through quite a few rolls of film with it. The pictures weren’t that great but I had fun taking them. Thinking of those pictures now, I know how bad they were, but it was something that I liked. I never embraced cameras like I did writing, I’m not sure why. I really like taking pictures, it doesn’t matter what I use to take them.

For our last vacation in San Francisco I used our iPad, which took some really amazing pictures. I am picture app freak, I have more picture apps than I do any other type of app on my phone. When I find a new app for pictures I hope it has a free version, if it doesn’t, I at least hope it’s cheap.

I would love to get a nice camera, but can’t afford one and I like using my iPhone which takes really good pictures. If you use the right app it can take some amazing shots.

The Camera apps I use the most on my iPhone are. – Hipstamatic, Instagram, Noir, Super 8 and iMovie.

I’ve only been using Hipstamatic for a little while, but I love the results. Instagr.am I’ve been using for a long time and I love the app and I have taken some amazing pictures with it, but Hipstamatic is coming up close with some of the possibilities I’ve noticed.

*All of the above were taken with Instagram

*Above take with Hipstamatic

Noir can take some very dramatic and moving pictures, getting everything perfect is the hardest part. Super 8 is based on the movie of the same name and it is like super 8 camera. I have taken some awesome stuff with it of my kids and love it.

iMovie is one of those apps you must have if you take pictures with your phone, iPad. I don’t have a Mac, yet, but this will be one of my first purchases. I love the way everything works together with this app and makes the slideshows work. It is fun to do, but I can spend hours creating picture shows with it.

I wish I had more time, and money to spend on taking pictures. It is one thing I’m hoping to do in the future. I have a lot to do this year, but this is one thing I want to do even if it’s just for me.

Photography is something that I’ve always secretly wanted to do but could never afford. But it is something I really enjoy. I can’t afford the cameras, but my iPhone lets me improvise.


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4 Responses to I can’t afford the cameras, but my iPhone lets me improvise.

  1. Jen C Hay says:

    Hi, I’ve nominated you for The ABC award. If you want more info, click here (If technology stops hating on me and actually works this time!) >> http://jenchay.wordpress.com/2012/01/30/abc-award-versatile-blogger-award-and-7×7-link-award/

  2. Thanks for the info – I’m just learning mine.

    • BB_Baker says:

      I love my phone. There are so many things I can do with it and the new iPhone is supposed to come out this summer just when my contract expires.

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