Being fried and being creative

When it happens you know. It’s that burnt around the edges, done too much, starting to drag, life is moving slow thing. I call it being fried. Maybe it’s how much I’ve been writing or reading lately but I feel a break or something is in order. I have a two months until our vacation and I still feel the need to scream. I need some time alone, but that is all I have at night with my writing. Need something else.

Was having this conversation with my wife today. I don’t drink anymore since alcoholism runs in my family and I was getting too close to the edge. I can’t afford a vacation alone, did that for book research in October and it was amazing. I take a couple of hours every week to myself, but this week I haven’t been able to because of issues with life. I really need a break, but hey my little sister is going to be Stateside this week so that’s a plus.

Being fried doesn’t mean I should stop writing or you should stop writing, it means that sometimes we cross a barrier that life has put in front of us, sometimes we need to cross that barrier to see what is on the other side every once in a while. It reminds us why we push ourselves so hard. It keeps us creating. It makes sure everything is moving along.

Look at writing like our body. We think of an idea(food) we process(digest) the idea. We decide if it is really worth all the trouble of writing (eating). Once we are in the process of writing everything starts to flow(be consumed). Once we are done (finished eating) writing that is when we can continue (ask for seconds) the story or novel or put it away. Each time we write this is repeated, well most of these steps are anyway.

I have written on the book this week and added a couple thousand words, which is better than I had done in the last couple months. I think I have full plate and need to stop asking for seconds.

It’s the seconds that clog the creative arteries. The extra doses of life that make us want to reach for the tonic to drown our sorrows.


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5 Responses to Being fried and being creative

  1. susielindau says:

    Maybe you should go outside and take a run or walk! I’ve realized that sitting all day on a computer was not going to prepare me for tennis season nor was I really getting that much done on my book. I skied all last weekend and I have 4 matches this week and already feel so much better just from moving. I’m being more efficient with my time too and getting a ton done. Getting outside in the fresh air to clear your head is so cliche and yet it really works to rejuvenate and reboot the system. And its FREE!

  2. Theadora says:

    I run. And then run again! With yoga thrown into the mix. It helps. Big hugs, Theadora

  3. Walking works – get the sludge out of the bloodstream and oxygen in the body

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