What dream is this

What do you see?

                                             Thursday’s view as I got to work!

Thursday was a beautiful day. I could see it from inside the casino. There were people blocking my view at times. I couldn’t ask them to move because they pay the bills.

Beyond these people I saw blue skies, it was such a day I wanted to leave go to Red Rock and walk around just to get away for a while. Days like this happen after I’d been writing something the night before that leave a mark on me for a few days. Wednesday night was no different.

We as writers see past the crowds walking through the casino. With us there is always a blue sky somewhere, it is only the writing of that cobalt blue with the clouds interspersed in the sky like marshmallows dumped in a lake.

When troubling things happen to characters in my writing it usually means I’m on the right trail. Something happened last night that left me emotionally drained and I went to bed and passed out so hard I barely heard my alarm.

When I pulled myself out of my morning stupor I realized what I’d done in the story and like a drunk staring at dead body lying in my bed. I thought about hiding the body, or deleting the writing. I thought hard about it. It took twenty minutes for me to decide to leave the body and let the stink fill the house.

The stink still persists. I know I must let in linger a while, what I did is terrible but I need to let my mind and MC talk about it before touching it. In the meantime, I’ll be sending a few short stories off in the next couple weeks. The next month will be busy, but the blog posts will still be coming. It breaks up the book writing and helps me keep my head clear.

I’ll return to my MC and figure everything out. I must have this draft done by the end of February and if I don’t I’ve set up a loss of something for myself, a punishment.

For without seeing things through to the end the blue skies will never come again.


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