Give them a glimpse

Fragile life

We’ve seen the fragility of human nature this past week. It was on TV and the internet with the Powell boys, it was also being sent from Syria, Egypt and other places where darkness resides.

Hearing about these things, seeing the pictures, the sounds of the tanks, the bombs dropping overhead. The screams of the women, children and men is nothing compared to the sounds of being on the battle lines.

Touching the dark

As writers, we see into this darkness of humanity and it shakes us, it changes us. We live through everything that happens to our characters. From the brightest day to the darkest night. We’ve seen them at their most humble and at their most proud. It is with these visions into the world of our creations we can see humanity differently if we choose to.

Writing is different for each of, some of us keep long hours, while others are done before five. I am one of those long hours type of writers. I feel that I can always learn from my characters and the story. We think of so many stories in a day that sometimes we can’t write them down. I’ve written so many short stories that I can’t remember them all.

A glimpse

There are times I see glimpses of my stories in my current work and it makes me smile. It is that smile, that small recollection that makes me feel I’ve done something great.

Writing about current events is a game I’ve come up with when I see something horrible on the news, I call it giving them a glimpse.

Sometimes dark things happen in the world, things we have no control over but as writers we can take that little bit of control and do something wonderful.

If you see a horrible story on the news, make it wonderful. If you see a homeless person begging, make them a good life. The best thing about this is if you have the strength to show a homeless person the way you see them, it may change them.

Do something wonderful for somebody, give a sad story a happy ending.


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5 Responses to Give them a glimpse

  1. Great post. ( even if you didn’t have the terrific illustrations!)

  2. Joy says:

    I like this, a glimpse, well said.

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