Change your everyday


We wake, go about our day. We may talk to our loved ones, kiss them hold them tight and like me, tell my kids a bedtime story. This is our everyday.

Sometimes our everyday is not what we want. There are moments when our everyday is not good enough. We see it when we write out our blogs, take photographs, talk about music, food, discuss the world with our friends at work, school or swap stories about what our kids are doing or where our life is headed.

There is that faint glimmer that there is something out there, something more to the world.

What about taking your everyday and making it better. Taking the things you do everyday, from grocery shopping to laundry and the in-betweens. Taking it and doing something that you’ve wanted to do. We each have dreams, we each have wants.

We all have that little kid in us that wants to turn the siren on in the police car.

We all have things in our life’s that we put off for one reason or another. We say, “Oh, I have kids now. I can’t do that.” or “My bf/gf, spouse, partner wouldn’t understand.” If they love you, trust me they understand.

When I decided to tackle a book and put the effort into it that I need to, my wife told me she would help me with the little things. She has. I thought I would let her down if I screwed up or didn’t get published. She told me, “The only way you will let me down is if you don’t write.”


Your bf/gf or whatever will be there if they believe in you. The first part is getting someone to believe in you. The hardest part is believing in yourself. It takes believing in yourself to spend hours awake at night working on your life dream. It takes dedication to what you truly want for yourself.

There are many reasons I write. My best reasons are sleeping as I write this. It is just after midnight on a Saturday night in Las Vegas. I’ve just finished my fifteen hundred words for the day, a little more actually. I don’t go out with friends anymore. I have things I want to do with my life and one of the biggest is I want to show my kids that you can do anything as long as you work hard to achieve it.

My life revolves around only a few things. Going to a day job that pays the bills, eating dinner with my family, reading Stuart Little to my daughter before bed and writing until one o clock or until I feel exhausted enough to go to bed.

I do these things every day for a reason. I have a plan. I know where I want to be in a few years.

Right now this is my everyday.

In a few years I want my everyday to be something extraordinary.

What are you doing to change your everyday?

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6 Responses to Change your everyday

  1. Joy says:

    Great one here, Brian. I’m on the same path, blogged about it just now. Um, I started going to a writers group last week. Stepping out of da comfort zone. Yup.
    P.s. Love the photos lately 🙂

    • BB_Baker says:

      Getting out of your comfort zone is always good. It lets us know how far we still have to go. Glad you love the photos. Having a lot of fun with my new phone apps.

  2. Powerful stuff, thanks for sharing! Life opens amazing doors when we have the support of those we love, we have a plan, and when we have the motivation to see the plan through!

  3. Lovely post. It’s so easy to get trapped in routine that you forget to live.

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