How hockey is a metaphor for life.

“Keep your head up son. If you don’t see the puck you’ll get clobbered.” My high school ice hockey coach at our first tournament.

Our first game in the tournament wasn’t good. It was 5-1 or something like that. One of the things I remember about that game, besides the coaches comments was not listening to them. I got out of the penalty box and the puck came around the ice and was in front of me. I remember looking down at the puck, the I remember looking up at the rafters.

One of the defense men knocked me on my butt as I did exactly what coach told me not to do.

Sometimes we are told things  and don’t listen. Keeping your head up in hockey is a valuable tool, unless you like starting at the rafters.

Head Up

Having your head up in life makes things easier. It can make it so you see things before they happen or it can make you worry too much about consequences. Sometimes you have to ignore what you’re told to get things you want out of life. Sometimes you need to makes yourself more important.

You should always keep your eye on the puck, but don’t stare at it.

Don’t stare at the puck!

Staring at the puck will get the wind knocked out of you and possibly end up in a fight. Fighting is part of hockey it is also part of life. Disagreements happen, they happen between families, friends, spouses and co-workers. If we all “just got along” life would be really boring.

We all have kept our eye on the puck and missed things. Life passes you by if you don’t keep an eye on your surroundings and those you care about. Life has a wicked sense of humor and if you let it, you may end up knocked on your butt.

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