unknown waters ahead

When delving into unknown waters, bring a spear gun.

Cataclysmic things happen when we don’t plan for life’s little problems. I didn’t plan for my son having ADHD (not that I could if I wanted to).

A year ago I thought life was moving pretty well. My daughter was doing good. We hadn’t learned about my son’s problems, a lot of that is from him having an inexperienced teacher. I had just changed shifts at the day job and it was busier than my previous shift. My wife and I had started planning for our San Francisco trip, which was awesome.

I knew last year I would have to write something else, not vampires to be taken seriously. What that something was, I wasn’t sure. I had too many ideas and not enough time. Writing took a back seat for little while in the middle of the year. I had things that needed to be done and writing had to sit for a while until I could figure it out.

Moving forward from last summer: Right now I’m in the middle of finishing another book, something that is far different than my vampires and still holds the same feeling. The current WIP has stretched the way my mind works and has made me look at other writers differently. I see the little pieces in Dune that I never saw before. I notice the small bits of I Am Legend better.

Little things in books I’m reading come out more. I see things coming together in my own story, even when detours happen. Detours make remind us that life is controlled by different aspects. Sometimes we have control–my writing–and sometimes we don’t–my son’s ADHD– but all of it comes out in the end and we find what we were looking for, a way to get through everything in one piece, or in as few as possible.

There are times when we go through life and the water is full of sharks. We look for a spear gun, it’s not there. We dig through all our things and we never find it. But sometimes a spear gun is not what is needed for the sharks, sometimes we mistake a dolphin for a shark. A dolphin will swim right up to you, squeak and swim away, and we are left hiding the spear gun behind our back.

Life is like that. We walk through life running into dolphins and sharks. Sometimes we think one is the other and are left with either a bite mark or a new friend. We learn more from the bite marks sometimes. We also know when the spear gun is a necessity. It saves our lives and makes us who we are. Finding when to use the spear gun and when to let things play out, like the detours, is what matters.

We need life’s little detours into unknown waters. Without them we would be swimming through life keeping an eye on the spear gun waiting for the shark to attack. Remember, that shark is usually a dolphin and we need to let it get close before we shoot it with the spear gun.

If we keep expecting the shark we may end up in the darkest part of the water, with no light, no spear gun and nothing to keep us warm. I’d rather wait and see if it’s a dolphin than swim in the dark.

Keep on swimming…

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  1. So true. Great analogies.

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