Nominated for the ABC Award

1. Thanks to Jen Chay for the Nomination. This is my first ABC nomination, I hope I do this one right.

2. Nominate Fellow Bloggers.

3. Share some things about you but alphabetically just a word or two about you starting with each alphabet.

A – Adventurous B – Book Worm C – Confident D – Determined E – Easygoing F – Friendly G – Good Natured H – Honest I – Individual J – Jazz Music Lover K – Kid at Heart L – Light-Hearted M –  Music Lover N – Nice O – Observant P – Philosophical Q – Quick Witted R – Redonkulous S – Smart Ass T – Theoretical U – Unfinished V – Versatile W – Writer X – Treme Z – Zombie. The last one I had to put on the list because of my recent late night writing sessions.

This was a fun post. Was hard to come up with all the letters, but I think I did okay with them.

Now to the last part. I follow so many blogs I’m going to list the ones that have helped the most as a writer and parent.

Goins, Writer – I’ve been following Jeff for a while. His posts are some of the best on writing I’ve found on the web. He has been published on The Huffington Post and is one of the bloggers that I’ve learned a lot from.

Susie Lindau’s Wild Ride – I’ve only been following Susie for a little while, but I’ve learned a lot about my writing and how to make it better by reading Susie’s posts and from her great comments on my posts.

The DaddyYo Dude – I’ve been following John on Twitter for a while and his blog. I’ve learned a lot about being a parent and perseverance through reading his blog.



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3 Responses to Nominated for the ABC Award

  1. susielindau says:

    Wow! BB you made my whole month with this award! Such kind words… I really do appreciate it!
    Congratulations to you too! You are a fine writer and very worthy of the award.
    I have looked up to Jeff and have read a lot of his posts and look forward to reading The DaddyYo Dude! What a great name~

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