Anne Rice: The Wolf Gift, a Book Review

When I was eighteen I read a beautiful book by a wonderful writer. Her name is Anne Rice.

Since my first reading of “Interview with the Vampire” I’ve read all the Vampire Chronicles, Lives of  the Mayfair, Cry to Heaven and the crossover books as well as Servant of the Bones. When I heard Anne was writing a book with a Werewolf as the Main Character I was intrigued because in one of the Chronicles, David Talbot mentioned Werewolves but only in passing.

My oldest sister got me into reading the Chronicles and Anne Rice and we’d always talked about a Werewolf book done by Anne. My hope was this book would be the book my sister and I hoped for. I wasn’t disappointed.

I tried not to give major plot point spoilers but if you’re someone who likes not knowing much about the story read on at your own risk.

Wolf Gift Review

The Wolf Gift takes me back to reading the Chronicles and the world where Vampires, Witches and other things exist. The Main Character, Reuben Golding is different from most of Anne’s characters, at least in the beginning. He seems to love his job, his family, girlfriend. But that all changes when he takes a trip to a house in Northern California.

The thing that I’ve always loved about Anne Rice’s writing is the description she gives everything. From the carved wooden beds to the smell of the forest it truly feels like you’re in the story with Reuben.

*Spoiler Alert*

When the change happens, it is told like a movie, which makes the story even better. Reuben struggles with his new Wolf Gift and eventually finds comfort in his new Gift. The knowing that he can save people and hear their cries for help is what makes this story so wonderful.

We all wish we could save people and make life better for them, stop the pain and suffering. Reuben’s story is written so you feel what he feels, every struggle with his Gift and all the complications it gives his life you’re there with him.

The pain he feels with his mom, the struggle he has with his brother, these are what made the story so good to me. There are times when the story seems to delve into things that those who follow Anne and her struggle with the church will see. The rest of her readers will not think about it.

When Reuben starts looking for the older pack, the Morphenkinder that could teach him is where I thought the book shined. It had that feeling of the Chronicles and when Lestat was looking for “Those Who Must Be Kept” and when Louis was trying to find who he was in the world of Darkness only discover there are things you should not know.

Anne did this differently than the Chronicles, she had the Genesis story of the Morphenkinder laid out and this is when I love her writing the most. When she gets into the myth and lore of her creations and makes you understand where they came from and how it all began.

*End of Spoiler*

There are so many things I liked about this book and there are few things I didn’t care for. I’m glad to see Anne writing these types of books again. I feel like I’m home again reading her Gothic stories. This is a wonderful addition to her beautiful Vampire Chronicles and mysterious Mayfair Witches.

I love Reuben and I’m hoping she does more with him, if she doesn’t I’ll read it again and see if there was anything I missed.

Comments welcome.

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7 Responses to Anne Rice: The Wolf Gift, a Book Review

  1. susielindau says:

    Such a great review! I would love to read it sometime.

  2. sunita ramsingh says:

    i love all of your books.

  3. Great review.

    Thanks, I was wondering about this book. Like you I fell in love with Interview then went on to read all the Vampire Chronicles, The Mayfair Witches, Servant of the Bones, and just about every other Anne Rice book.

    • BB_Baker says:

      I really loved this book. It felt the way the Chronicles did. I think Reuben is an awesome main character and I’m hoping for more stories with him. Thanks for your comments.

  4. SM Johnson says:

    I’m with you, BB – this is the kind of book Anne wowed me with when I was young. And while I respect her travels into non-secular realms, I welcomed this book with an open heart and a feeling of “coming home.”

    • BB_Baker says:

      Thanks for your wonderful comments. This book really felt like “coming home” to me. I loved this book and place it with the best of the Chronicles and Mayfair books.

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