Why we ride out the storm!

When rain falls we see a dimness to our surroundings. The light fades, our bodies acknowledge the coming storm with little things. From the extra static in the air to the smell. It all feels so normal but yet it has that odd quality that makes us question our surroundings.

Things often happen in a storm. Whether it is tornado’s like this week in the Midwest or the sound of thunder rolling across the sky. We all feel the storm and wait as patiently as we can for it to pass.

This passage of time can mean many things. It is a way for us to go back in history.

We sometimes turn off the TV, sit in the corner of our house and wait for the thunder or the blowing to stop. Sometimes we stare at the walls, praying and hoping we’ll survive.

We see the things around our house every day. But, in a storm they take on new meaning. They are us. They are our life, our children and who we identify as ourselves. There is rarely an occasion we act in such a way as a storm.

Finding our way out of the storm makes us stronger. It guides us, leads us to the place we need to be. Keeping us from harm until we have to ride another storm, another life.

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