Cybernetics and Mortality

I’m not really sure why but mortality has been on my mind for the last month or so. It may be because of my birthday or the book but it’s something I’ve thought of often. To those that think I’ve lost my mind, I’m fine.

We often think about our mortality around our birthday’s or when the anniversary of a loved ones’ passing comes around. Both of these happened recently and they may play into it a little. I think there’s something more going on.

Within each of us there is this thing, we call it our soul, our light, our energy. Whatever you call it there is a point where it moves on. Each of us believe it goes somewhere else or it becomes part of something bigger. A collective consciousness.

For those that do not follow Science Fiction or video games there are two videos I’ve seen recently that made me think about our “light”, and what a creature made by us would think of this light. The first is from a viral campaign for “Prometheus”, a movie made my Ridley Scott and is in the same universe as the Aliens movies.

Here is the video – 

The video is for a TED talk in the 2023. These talks are amazing if you’ve never seen any of them I highly suggest you watch them.

The other video is from a video game company called Quantic Dream. They created a game a few years ago called Heavy Rain. The game was unique and did some amazing things graphically. This new video is from a short film they did called Kara. It is unsettling in how real it feels, or at least it did for me.

Here is the video for Kara – Kara Short Film

Both of these delve into cyborgs or organisms created by humans and somehow become self-aware. This has been done before, the best known is from the Terminator movies and Cyberdyne.

If we do create cybernetic beings, such as Kara what will be the consequences of it?

Will we treat them as the creator of Kara? Or will it be something else? Something that is part of who we are, our humanity. Our ability to teach and learn from things we don’t understand. Sure the creators of these cybernetic beings will understand them, but only their inner workings.

Much like Peter Weylend they may think, “We are the Gods now.”

Not only is this the wrong way to approach this, but it may end up causing us more problems. Our lives, unlike those of the cybernetics people we create has a time limit. We live only for a set amount of time and though technology as well as medicine may merge in the future we still  live this life until we pass on.

A cybernetic would live longer, longer. Those that have seen A.I., the last film done by Stanley Kubrick (Stephen Spielberg finished it after Kubrick passed away)know the end scene. If you haven’t and want to, don’t read this next part. 

At the end of the film, David(Haley Joel Osment) is in a stasis and is revived by robots. They are the last living thing on Earth after humans died off. The robots themselves are more intrigued to see what human society was like.

This scene tells us a lot about where we could be headed with cybernetics and with ourselves.


For the next few weeks I’m going talk about things in Science Fiction that may come true. Cybernetics is something that humans are really starting to get good at. There are a few Universities that are breaking new ground on Cybernetics, not just with humans but of all types of creatures.

I’m not sure what the next post will be about, but I wish to delve into this for research purposes and I thought it would make an interesting blog post.


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