Why our life will be chaos for the next four months.

It’s been a chaotic couple of weeks.

“Wolf Gift” review and my daughter’s new school, a few things happening lately

Two weeks ago Anne Rice shared my review of “The Wolf Gift” on her Facebook page. This past week I was very sick and wasn’t able to get any writing done on my WiP because I couldn’t focus.

The chaos keeps coming. My wife has an interview thing with her new manager Monday. I’m getting back on track with my WiP and our daughter is finally getting used to daycare. That last one is something we had to do. My wife works from home and the only way she can get anything done is for our daughter to be in daycare a few days.

The days she’s not in daycare I’m home so she spends the day with daddy and mom gets her work done.

Our daughter is only two, but because she was born 6 weeks early she acts younger. She’s still having problems talking. Our pediatrician says she’s fine, but I’m starting to worry.

March Madness and Disneyland

This next week starts March Madness and my day job (bartending on the Las Vegas Strip) will be crazy busy. This past week was ridiculous. I’m ready to run around with a hatchet sticking out of my neck. March Madness hasn’t been very good for the last few years because of the economy, but the way this past week was, that ‘s changing.

The end of the month marks our trip with the kids to Disneyland. It will be our daughter’s first time, our son’s second. They are both very excited as are we.

We’re more excited for their reactions than anything else. I’m looking forward to California Adventure, because there is a Boudin restaurant. I love good chowder in a bread bowl and Boudin is awesome.

After that I’m preparing for a trip to Boise for a few days to look at jobs, then we’re getting ready for our move.

Along with all the writing and drink pouring I have to do. The painting and work stuff my wife has to do. Plus our kids, these next four months will be crazy busy.

Back to work

I’m way behind on the book because I got lazy, why lie. I’m hoping to have it done by mid April. It is getting bigger with each writing session and now that I know what I’m doing with it, it should move along fast.

There will be long nights and exhausting days, but by mid-April I’ll have a complete first draft ready for inspection.

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6 Responses to Why our life will be chaos for the next four months.

  1. Do not worry – kids mature at different rates. Keep reading those books aloud to her. And a few days a week in daycare may encourage more talk among her peers after a bit. The young ones catch up and it evens out with time. Everyone needs plenty of sleep, though! Stay the course! Good stuff ahead.

    • BB_Baker says:

      Just gets frustrating when people ask her a question and you tell them, “she does talk very much” and you get that look like you’re a bad parent. I hate that look.

      • I did, too…started saying “Well, she doesn’t have anything important to say right now….or guess she thinks you ought to know the answer to that – you’re the adult.” It will be OK, keep reading wonderful books with great vocabulary – she’s listening…probably very analytical kid

      • BB_Baker says:

        Thanks Philosopher! 🙂

  2. Keep at it, I know that it is easy to go into a tail spin when things get hectic; however, I find that when things are the most hectic I somehow find peace and stillness, even if only in the brief gaps!

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