Why do we place such an emphasis on looks?

I’ve talked about my daughter a lot lately. Today I realized how much life is geared toward the skinny girl. A lot of the girl’s in my family have dealt with image issues. Whether it was weight or their looks. It was always something.

On Monday my daughter and I went to the Forum Shops at Caesar’s Palace. It was here, walking past the mannequins and models in their skimpy clothing I had my first realization how screwed up thing are for little girls.

I know I’ve been on this planet for 36 years, but walking past the displays of the skinny girls and skinny mannequins I realized how things really are. I’ve read about how things are. But watching my daughter look at the pictures of the models I could see her little brain working. And I’m afraid she may think it’s okay to be super skinny.

Before I had a daughter I saw the stuff on the news about it, but I didn’t think about it until I had a daughter. Now that I’ve walked with her past the displays, watched her looking at the pictures I’m understanding a little more. I never believed it was as bad as my wife, sisters, mom and friends said it was, damn I was wrong.

They want all these little girls to be supermodels when they’re just little girls. A prime example of this is the ridiculous “Toddlers and Tiaras”. That show speaks volumes about how destructive life can be for a little girl if their mom is brainwashed by the media.

The media should do more to fix this, they won’t they still want their money from the advertisers.

The advertisers want to sell the diet pills, diet drinks and their clothes to the “Ideal” woman. I’ve never cared much for the ideal woman. I guess that comes from being around my sisters.

The change in clothing sizes is a big problem, now they’ve changed it for guys too. That is a disturbing thing. When guys go to get jeans and they think their size has changed they usually don’t freak about it, at least I don’t. But girls changing sizes, there’s too many problems with this.

At Old Navy they don’t even sell a size 1 that my wife wears. My wife is 5’0″ and it petite and she has the same issues as every other woman. She’s just smaller in frame. I’m sure my daughter will be the same as my wife.

I hate that I’m only starting to understand how bad it is. I feel like I’ve failed my sisters in some way. I know they may not think so, but I do.

I’m going to teach her that what she sees in the media isn’t the normal. It’s warped idea of what is normal.

We place an emphasis on looks because that’s what we’ve been told to do by the media.

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4 Responses to Why do we place such an emphasis on looks?

  1. susielindau says:

    I was more subtle. I picked out people that were on TV who I thought were beautiful, but maybe not the norm. Often they were of other races.
    As far as the body image thing, I never talked about dieting in front of my daughter, nor did I ever say anything but positive things about her own physique. I did talk a lot about healthy eating and what to avoid.
    Now she is in college on CU’s dance team and has a very healthy self-image. The latest is she and her boyfriend have been doing P90X. Some extreme workout video and looks great!

    I remember worrying about the anorexic thing. From what I understand, it is more about control than anything else. I think it may come from demanding helicopter parents and a kid who is over scheduled who doesn’t get to make their own choices.
    I am sure you are a great parent!

    • BB_Baker says:

      My mom talked about dieting all the time when we were kids. My dad was the controlling type of parent, everything his way. My mom still deals with her weight, so do my sisters. I tried P90x for a week, too much for me. I felt like the sweat turned to blood. At the time my sister went in the hospital she had a few other things going on that she couldn’t control, but her weight was the one things she could, and it made her sick.

      Great comment, thanks Susie!

  2. Dieting to be healthy is one thing, dieting to look like the girls in the magazines is another. There is so much pressure these days to look a certain that we forget what is healthy and what isn’t. I honestly envy plus sized magazines because they have really embraced the idea of loving you for what you are. All magazines should be like that!

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