Why I passed the one thing I loved doing with my dad to my son.

When I was in fifth grade I read Red Storm Rising by Tom Clancy. I remember my teacher asking me what I was doing reading it. I told her I found it interesting and my dad gave it to me to read. She said I shouldn’t be reading books like that at such a young age, and my dad shouldn’t have given it to me. She also told me I don’t even understand all the words and what they mean. My response, that’s what dictionaries are for.

I’ve always read above my grade level. When my parents divorced the one thing I remember doing on my dad’s weekends were going to the bookstore for a new book. My dad always read techno thrillers like Tom Clancy, Dale Brown and Stephen Coonts. It was the 80’s and the wall hadn’t come down yet. All these writers knew it would come down, at least Tom Clancy really did.

I always read the same books as my dad. It was just something I did. It never occurred to me to read anything else until I was in high school and no longer living with him.

Now my son is reading above his grade level and he is hearing it from the teachers, or at least their tests. He did a test for his reading grade level and didn’t score that well. Meanwhile we’re at home and he’s reading Diary of a Wimpy kid to us with no problem. The other day on our way home he asked me about a part in one of the books we’d read. His teachers say he doesn’t have good reading comprehension, well looks like he’s more like me every day.

We went to Barnes & Noble on Saturday he got a new book. Alcatraz and the Evil Librarians by Brandon Sanderson. I’ve read Sanderson’s Way of Kings and thought it was one of the best Fantasy books I’ve ever read. Brandon Sanderson, for those that don’t know who he is, was picked by Robert Jordan to finish the Wheel of Time series.

I’ve read the first book of the Wheel of Time, “Eye of the World” and loved it. It’s an amazing book. I tried reading the books after but couldn’t get into them. My son is reading my favorite authors just as I had read my dad’s favorite authors. He will find out what he likes and what he doesn’t, but I may give him a nudge in one direction or another.

Our trips to the bookstore are one of my favorite things from living with my dad. Then going to his house on the weekends when I moved in with my mom and step-dad kept that going. I really would like to talk about what he’s reading now and not the things either of us have done to damage our relationship.

Whether you come from divorced parents or not. What’s the one thing you loved doing with your mom or dad as a kid?

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2 Responses to Why I passed the one thing I loved doing with my dad to my son.

  1. We read – all of us all the time. Sometimes we had books checked out of the city library, the school libraries, the book mobile(county library) and even the church library (which my parents helped to start) Books were always returned on time to the correct library(labeled cardboard boxes helped with that). And yes, dictionaries had a purpose. We also went to any free concert, symphony, theater or musical production – hung out in museums ( natural science and fine art). It was all free!

    • BB_Baker says:

      I love our public library, I go there to write because it’s quiet. I like to buy a book if I’ve bee waiting for it come out, like Anne Rice’s “Wolf Gift”. I loved the book mobile when I was in school. My favorite days were when the Book Mobile came to school. Thanks for your comment Philosopher.

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