Moving On Up

When I started this blog I wondered where it would go. For a long time it was stagnant and I wondered why I started it in the first place. My posts weren’t getting any comments. There was nothing about my blog that attracted any interest, least of all me.

I found myself wondering if I started it for the right reasons. I discovered I hadn’t.

I started writing the blog because my cousin–a published author–had one and I thought it would be a good idea since I wanted to be published too. Having a published book is something I’ve wanted since middle school.

Now that I’m twenty years past middle school I’m nearly where I want to be. I’m married, have two kids, an old dog, one novel finished and another nearly finished.

For the past six months something in me has changed. I don’t know what to call it except confidence. This confidence came out of nowhere and those that have followed the blog for a long time may see the difference in my writing.

I no longer worry about what I write on here, I only care that I write something. Someone on Facebook said, “I really don’t know how you do it most days.” I replied,  “I do it because I must. No one will write my books for me. I do it because I want it bad enough to keep trying!”

I write now because no one will write my books for me, no one will write the blog for me. I write because I want it bad enough to keep trying. That is why the blog is changing, that’s why I’m moving out of Las Vegas and that’s why I stare at a computer screen for 3 hours after my kids and wife go to sleep. I do it because I have to. I wake up wanting to write. But because of my day job I can’t sit home and write all day.

Now that I’ve changed it’s time for other changes. The blog is changing in a big way.

The blog’s new address is It looks just like the old blog, with a change to the title. I’ve already set it up to forward any clicks to the new blog. I think I’ve lost all my subscribers though.

If you could, click subscribe before you leave the site. I never ask for this, but I want to keep track of everyone of you. I consider you my friends and without your support I’m not sure I’d have this new confidence

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One Response to Moving On Up

  1. Subhakar Das says:

    I no longer worry about what I write on here, I only care that I write something – the reason I blog, and you said it word perfect.

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