Generation I and the new tourist.

Seeing things that people wouldn’t believe is part of working in the tourism industry. When a few friends were talking a while ago I wanted to do a post about one of the things that we deal with.

Generation I

That is I as in me, myself and I, not the Roman numeral.

I’ve been bartending for almost thirteen years. In that time I’ve seen things that, well would make some people cringe. Full on puking on the bartop, women with no tops running around the casino and people so drunk they can’t sit on a barstool, much less carry on a conversation with the girl their trying to hit on.

As a bartender there are certain things you get used to. Before the economy crashed in 2008 this city was doing really well. There were new hotels going up often enough to give Las Vegas the Fastest Growing City In America moniker. Something we are still in the top ten for but not number one.

We had a lot of tourist from around the world coming to this neon filled city. After the crash, not so much. We’re recovering, but not as fast as some people would like.

Las Vegas goes through changes. In the late 80’s early 90’s the city changed to accommodate the growing number of families traveling. With that change hotels changed. Gone were the Dunes, Sands and other Rat Pack hotels. Imploded for the next big concept.

Up popped The ExcaliburLuxor and Mirage. Hotels that were more geared towards family travelers. With these hotels the city changed. It became kid friendly. A small theme park popped up at the MGM Grand.

Later in the 90’s other hotels came into existence. These hotels began a reemergence of classic Las Vegas. ParisBellagioThe VenetianMandalay Bay and the Monte Carlo. These hotels brought in some of the crowds that Las Vegas was famous for, big spending, high class.

After September 11th Las Vegas stopped, as much of the world did. It picked up faster than the hotels and employees expected. Within a few months Las Vegas was busy again. This was evident in the number of conventions and the stigma of Las Vegas returning to mainstream news.

For the few years before the crash, Las Vegas returned to normal, as normal as it gets. A new hotel complex was planned, City Center. With normalcy brought people back that had been afraid to return to the skies after September 11th. Those people were new to Las Vegas, they’d either never been there or they’d changed.

The Crash and what came with it.

When the crash happened it was expected. At least from my point of view. I knew that Las Vegas couldn’t keep growing without some kind of fall. There were signs, friends not getting credit, the value of my own house going crazy while at the same time the mortgage industry wouldn’t let us renegotiate our mortgage.

Another side effect of the crash is Generation I. This has no gender, age, or ethnicity to it. It is also called Generation Entitlement.

These are the people that come to Las Vegas after watching The Travel Channel and their horrid travel shows about how to save money in Las Vegas.

Travel Channel has changed Las Vegas more than anything else. Their talk of free drinks, free food and free shows was a mistake. Nothing is free in Las Vegas.

People walk into the hotels expecting to be given things. They feel they’re entitled to free stuff because they got on a plane and watched The Travel Channel. Let me reiterate what I said above, nothing is free in Las Vegas.

This group is catered to by the hotels because for some hotels it’s all they can get. For other big name hotels they cater to them because it’s now their bread and butter.

A lot of these Gen I people have nothing better to do with their money. Sure they keep the lights on, but they’re generally rude. When you ask for their ID (You have to be 21 to be in the gaming area kids, doesn’t matter if you’re with mom and dad) they look at you like you assaulted them.

The culture of tourists in Las Vegas and nationwide has gone downhill. We had a better class of tourist in the 80’s, 90’s and early 00’s Las Vegas was doing better.

Don’t take my word for it, ask the employees.

These are the people that have replaced almost all groups of tourists in Las Vegas.

This is only my testament to what has gone on in Las Vegas. I have friends in other states in the same industry. They repeat what I said in this post. It’s not just Las Vegas it’s nationwide.

There is a Generation I and they want it all because they feel they should.

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