Why we must claw through the pit to find ourselves.

What do we find when we look inside? A dastardly person full of evil, full of things that we can’t understand. Do we see a person living there that we don’t know? That we can’t figure out?

Is this the feeling of loss? Of pain and anguish. The things that go bump in the night call us out of our former self. Asking us to come and play in the night. Mocking us as we huddle in our cramped rooms, hidden chambers and locked away inside the one thing that can free us from who we are.

Your mind.

Inside each of us is a light. It comes to us when we least expect it. It grabs us when we need it. It stops the laughter and the pain. It’s only in this place we find ourselves. It’s the far away place that we don’t let anyone see. The darkness of our souls, the hidden things of our lives.

Our mind can be our greatest asset or our greatest hindrance. Using it well may keep us in the graces of those around us, or it will find us wishing we were already six feet under.

What we do with our mind will set us up to achieve or go astray. But it’s always our choice.

Clawing out of the pit.

In front of us is a tower of mud, we must use everything we have to get through it. This mud will slide down the tower into a pit and become who we are.

We claw and fight to the top of the tower using our mind, our strength and our souls to get to the top. It’s only at the top we will feel what we want to feel. We feel that our strength had been used up, our minds exhausted and our souls are still pushing for more.

Our soul, our light, our beacon is what makes us push through it all and claw through the mud of who we were.

The pit below us fills with the mud of our deeds and it is this mud that creates our legacy, who we’ll be known as.


Some people believe our legacy is something that is for men with money, connections or that those people have made a deal with the devil.

Your legacy is carved out of who you are today compared to who you are when you’re gone. This is not a greed thing, it is a betterment of society thing. Do we sit and fester at the bottom of our pit waiting for our legacy to be written in the mud or do we climb through it and have it written in books?

Do we want our Legacy to be something our children and grandchildren talk about like it’s something abominable or do they talk about it like it’s virtuous?

The path we lead for those that follow will be wrought with peril. Do we trudge through these perils without the aid of what we use the most in our lives, or do we make it strong and true?

Your mind is your greatest asset, keep it strong.

What legacy do you want to leave? Answer in the comments.

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