Finding Solace

We find solace in places we never thought of. It could be a song, a movie, book or the arms of those we love. When things are bad we never think about where to turn. We wonder if we’re alone in our pain.

Things are always not what they seem. We see the world through our lives. We never see the light we bring to others. We never see the loss in their eyes, the way our lives are through their eyes.

Finding things in our lives to live for is sometimes the hardest part of living. We don’t know where the light hides. We can look for it until we’ve looked enough and can’t look anymore.

The light shines through no matter where we are or why we’re gone. Those around us remember our light, our laughter,  tears and love. It’s in those memories we live on. It’s in these thoughts our friends remember who we were.

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