Review of Platform by Michael Hyatt.

A platform can be a spring-board, a new jolt into something better or it can be that one thing that makes your dream a reality.

I’ve only started following Michael Hyatt on Twitter and his blog. But, I’ve followed Jeff Goins for a while and anyone Jeff talks about with such vigor I have to read. I’ve read The Artist’s Way, The War of Art, Jeff’s own Writer’s Manifesto and his newest You Are a Writer (So Start Acting Like One). All of these books changed the way I write, the way I blog and more importantly the way I deal with things in my daily life outside writing.

I’ve been thinking about some of the things Michael Hyatt talks about for a while, I just didn’t know how to add them into my writing.

I wish this book came out a few years ago, when I began writing again.

Start with Wow.

Whether you’re a writer, artist or have an idea that you need to let the world know about, everything is a product, and you should treat it as such. This book shows you how.

You must let people know about what you have to show them. I’ve thought a lot about that since finishing this book. What do I have to offer the world? What do I know about anything that could help people or change lives.

I write to calm things that happened when I was younger. Things I’ve talked about on this blog. Many times I’ve wondered what I could do to help people.

My writing is that thing. I’ve always loved words, the sounds they make, the look and discovering new ones. Every day is like a treasure hunt.

Branding and Social Networking.

In his book, Platform: Get Noticed in a Noisy World, Michael Hyatt goes into detail with Twitter, Facebook and other things that you must have to make your platform work.

The book goes into things such as branding, creating an e-mail that isn’t aol, yahoo or something similar, because Michael says, you don’t want the e-mail that screams, “I’m stuck in the 90’s.”

I’ve read the book once, but I’m passing it to my wife for her painting and art. She’s only beginning to create her brand and I know this book will help her a lot. As I said, I wish this book had come out a few years ago. It would have saved me a lot of time.

This was a short review for an awesome book. I don’t like going over the 500 word mark, something I learned from Jeff Goins.

I’ll be using many things from this book to adjust my “Platform.” I found I was doing more than I thought, most I learned from Jeff Goins. In all it’s a great book, and I recommend it highly for anyone starting out or stuck in a rut.

If you’ve read this book, leave your opinions of it in the comments.

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3 Responses to Review of Platform by Michael Hyatt.

  1. Jeff Goins says:

    Thanks for the kind words, Brian, and I’m glad you enjoyed Platform! It’s a great book.

    • It’s completely my pleasure Jeff. I’ve read Platform twice and listened to the audio once. I’ve also read “You Are A Writer” twice and loved it. I’m letting my wife read Platform for her art work.

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