A fish swam through Embassytown and Darujhistan.

I swallowed a large fish recently. I took it down whole. I wasn’t ready for the way it changed my writing.

We’ve all heard fish stories. We all know about people who have caught giant fish, but there’s no evidence.

Here’s a fish story for ya.

I was swimming with the sharks the other day and found myself buried in a plethora of great whites. I’m a small fish and knew that I would be eaten if I didn’t do something, and fast.

I swam away as fast as my fins could carry me. The current pushed against me, but I kept going, my little fins working themselves so hard they started to ache.

It was then in the moment when my fins hurt I forgot to look where I was swimming and ran into a group of fish called the China fish, they were headed for Embassytown. I’d heard of Embassytown through a friend, he told me that Hugo was thinking about it.

I thought I’d go to Embassytown to check it out. As I swam through the reeds and pushed past all the weird creatures and flowers I found myself learning a new Language. After leaving Embassytown and its wonderful inhabitants I heard about another odd place trapped in a giant monster. I swam as fast as I could and it wasn’t a lie, the town was in a freaking monster, I saw the ribs and other bits.

I found the new place odd and had to leave before I finished checking it out. I had other things to see and especially to get down in my travel journal. I left for another place, but the graffiti wasn’t as much fun and I didn’t learn enough about how to write that type of graffiti.

I found myself staring at two places that would help me learn my graffiti, one of them was back in the giant monster near Perdido Street Station, the other was in Darujhistan. I’d visited Darujhistan before but didn’t stay long. I found it too complex with mazes within the graffiti. I tried to follow the graffiti on the wall but stopped reading it eventually.

I think I’ll swim back to the giant monster and take a ride from Perdido Street Station.

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