Why we shouldn’t fear the butterflies.

What dream is this? We see fantasy and ripples of lies following us through the journey of gathering what we think our lives are.

We don’t feel the randomness, the chaotic spasms of our failings. We ignore the path set before us, it isn’t the one we want. IT is the path we want more than anything. IT is the great triumph of our will, our heart calls for it.

Grasping for straws; straws that never turn in our favor.

These things that we find in our hearts, minds and are pushed into us as we grow older, these are the paths we find ourselves in over and over, but, yet never acknowledge.

These blessed things are hiding in plain sight, hiding where we see them, but ignore them all the same.

The butterflies tell us we’re close to a change of mind or heart. The butterflies of the new path. Something changing in our lives. THE path of change is one that we don’t see often, but when we do we fear it. We fear the butterflies, for we fear change.

These butterflies tell us of love, of loss coming, of LIFE changing. Fearing the butterflies makes you fear change. CHANGE is inevitable, choosing when to make the change is not.

We can choose to change our lives at any time, the butterflies are only a reminder of the change.

We must follow the change to grow, for growth is what we want in our lives. Without growth we are stagnant and die. Without the butterflies we run the risk of going through our lives fearing any change.

We must grab the butterfly by its wings, grab hold and let it carry us through the change.

The butterflies know the way through. They’ve carried us before, they know the route. It’s only in the butterflies we will experience the life changes necessary for us to be ourselves.

It’s only in the life changes we truly discover who we are, and what we’re meant to be.

Embrace the butterflies, never fear them. They bring change and let us know that a new path is ahead and we must make a choice.

Are you fearing the butterflies or embracing them? Answer in the comments.

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