Moving to self-hosted July 1st

The journey continues.

Moving the blog to somewhere self-hosted has always been my goal. Lately it’s become clear that the move is needed. This post is more a thank you than a follow me here type of thing. There will be no flashing lights, disco balls or that type of thing.

I decided a while ago that in order to continue posting the content I want to post I would have to move to self-hosting. The freedom it allows for site design and other things made me realize it’s time.

So, as I’ve done before and moved the blog without thinking things through, I’m doing it right this time. On July 1st The Bleeding Ink Well will move to This is the first step in a bigger plan, but I’ll get to that in a later post.

The site isn’t live yet. I’m playing with themes until I get it the way I want. Most importantly get it the way that is more me, can’t do that.

The content will not change, only the address.

I would like to thank everyone that has followed the blog in its current format. You have brought me such joy and made me want to write my posts every week. I believe that without all of you I would have stopped the blog a year ago and my voice would have ended.

Each journey continues, mine is no different. I welcome you to check out the new blog when it launches on July 1st and subscribe. The content will be the same, it’s just a new address.

I hope to see you all there on July 1st.


p.s. I will be adding reminders of the move on every post up until the move.

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