Do you have a Childhood Dreams List?

The things we want to do. There are things we wanted to do when we were kids that we didn’t get to do. For one reason or another they were beyond what our parents could afford or they may not have known we wanted to do them.

Linkin Park at the MGM Grand

Do these things with your kids. Make a list of the things you wanted to do as a kid and do them with your own kids.

They can be a baseball game, concert, trips to foreign countries or small things like taking them to the park because you can.

This list can be big or little. Think of it as a bucket list with your kids. A Childhood Dreams List. A list of things you wish your parents would have done with you.

The list can be as big as you like, but follow through it. Talk to your spouse about it. Make plans to follow through with the list. Schedule times to do the things on your list.

Petra, Jordan

Talk to your kids about them, ask them if any of the things on your list are on theirs. You may have more in common with your kids than you think.

We look at our kids as these little things that we’re not sure about, but they may surprise you in what they like, what their dreams are, what they want to be when they’re adults.

It’s always small things we think about as kids. Things that we don’t tell anyone about. Those are the lists you should make. The dreams of being a race car driver, a cop, a doctor or a soldier.

There are ways to do these. You just need to look for them. Finding similar interests as our kids will bring us closer to them. It will make us want to spend time with them. It will also make them understand us a little more if they know what we wanted to be when we got older.

Think about your list and write it down.

What is the one thing you wish your parents would have done with you? Respond in the comments.



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One Response to Do you have a Childhood Dreams List?

  1. paulastewart55 says:

    I love this! Do them!

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