What Are Things That Inspire You As A Writer?

Let each man exercise the art he knows. – Aristophanes

Each of us has that one person that pushes us, that keeps riding us to be our best. This person may be a family member, friend or co-worker.

Each of these people may not know what we go through day in and out with our writing, but they’re always supporting us regardless. Without these people we feel like we’re wearing the walls out as we try to climb.

Sometimes we don’t have these people. They’ve either abandoned our dreams before we did or they never thought we’d make it. In this case we have the walls around us to push us.

The walls may be covered in posters of book covers, movie posters, art prints or comic book covers. These walls are what keep us sane, as sane as a writer can be.

Finding your walls, the things that inspire you to write can be the moment you finally feel free to write without the consequences of those people breathing down your neck.

With our heroes staring down at us from On High we find the strength to push through.

Our heroes may be Joyce, Dali, Hemingway, Stan Lee, Alan Moore, Herbert, Bradbury. But  whoever they are, they define who we are and why we write our chosen genre.

Whether we write in one genre or three, we can always relate back to one book that got us started on the path of writing. The one book that made us think, “I want to do that.”

For a lot of newer science fiction writers they say the book “A Wrinkle in Time” started them on science fiction. For writers with more experience they choose “Slaughterhouse Five” or “Fahrenheit 451.”

Each writer’s journey is different, but we each journey to understand our writing and where it comes from.

We find ourselves looking at the dawn of the next morning as we stay up to finish that one chapter that we had a problem with the other day. We find ourselves looking at pens like they’re the Holy Grail.

As writers we have our quirks, the things that make us who we are. These things combine to form the person sitting in the chair reading this post.

Find what drives you as a writer and grab on to it with both hands. Discovering ourselves is part of the journey of writing. Without it we’d never mature into better writers.

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2 Responses to What Are Things That Inspire You As A Writer?

  1. Nona says:

    Too true. I have been blessed to be surrounded by people – friends and family alike – who have encouraged my passion for writing. Even now my husband is a fellow writer and a powerful idea man. He is always willing to help me work through weak areas in my storyline, even if it’s a romance! He pushes me to succeed. Challenges me to improve. Sometimes he simply encourages me to tell the critics to eff off and just go on. :o)

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