What Failure Can Teach You.

When I was twenty-five I wanted to be a personal trainer. I’d been around fitness for most of my life, my dad competed in body building competitions when I was younger. I’d worked at a gym and knew all the machines.

I set out to become certified by A.C.E. (American Council on Exercise).

I had started writing again at this point, but thought it was just something to do. I didn’t take it seriously at that point.

It was my goal to get my wife and I out of the life we were living at the time. I had a job lined up after I passed the test.

When I got the results back and I had failed, it hurt. I felt like a failure.

After the initial shock of failing I started writing again, and began taking it seriously.

After we got our heads on straight after the disappointment of failing. Both my wife and I decided I should go after my writing dream.

I had thought of being a writer since I was fourteen and had always talked about it, but never really thought I could do it.

The act of failing at my trainer certification taught me that there are things that may be coming in our lives that can be the light at the end of a dark tunnel.

We often see the light, but it’s not the one we think it is. The light is really a reflection of what we think we want. It’s the puddle of rain that somehow seeped into the tunnel and made us think we were close, when in fact we weren’t.

It’s a mirage, an image of what our mind wants at the time, not knowing that what we really want, what we’ve always wanted was coming.

Our failures can act as a catalyst to something better. Initially they will pull us down, sometimes in to dark places where things that we don’t want to confront are staring at us.

These things are there to push us, to make us be who we should be, not who believe we should be.

Our lives are our own, but learning from our failures can make us try harder, work longer and eventually we’ll reach the point where life is what it should be.

What have you learned from failure? Answer in the comments.


I am contributing to another blog on Tuesday’s starting tomorrow. You can find it here. I hope you like my post and enjoy the other contributors as well.

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4 Responses to What Failure Can Teach You.

  1. driven2excel says:

    Failure has taught me the importance of self awareness. There are times when getting up and trying again is the right course of action. However, not all of us are cut out to be astro physicists. So, knowing when to get back on the horse and when to move on is critical.

  2. Failure has always lead me to something much greater than I could have imagined for myself. The original hurt of failing is unpleasant, but now I just try to remind myself that something better is just around the corner.

  3. Kathy says:

    Great post Brian! I was let go (allowed to resign) from my first job (post college/grad school) in the “real world” after three years, though I never got a bad performance review. That was a tough blow. But I landed a new job quickly in a different field, in which I was able to apply my education and skills, but was a much better fit for me. It showed me all the options that are out there, depending on how you look at value things. It has definitely been true for me, in my life, that I have learned so much about myself, others and the world through every failure or set back. I also try to help others using what I learn, so I don’t feel like the experience was in vain. Thank you for sharing. As an aside, I am an A.C.E. certified group fitness instructor, so I know how hard those tests are, especially the personal trainer one, which I don’t think I will ever attempt. Good for you pursuing your dream/writing! Though writing is a newer passion for me/in my life, I appreciate how much it means to be able to do it, when you love to. Sorry of this is a bit jumbled, I am typing on my phone.

    • Thanks Kathy for your wonderful comments. Your thoughts come out very well on the page. The posts I’ve read on your blog are great. Keep up the good work. No worries about typing on your phone. I do that too and it gets jumbled when you can’t see your words well.

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