What Rulers Are We?

FBI Laboratory scientist.

FBI Laboratory scientist. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

What is will never be, what can’t be lies in the mist of things we haven’t discovered. Falling down the rabbit hole is easier than we believe. There is more to discover than what we think is hiding in that hole.

When things come to a head in our universe we see the small particles, the little things that are lying underneath only after the time has passed for us to make a choice and correct them.

These small particles are the fragments of who we are. They are our religious teachings, our family and our dreams. These things lie in the tumultuous underground of what we think is out there.

If we were to say that life exists off our own planet there would be scientists who support that theory, religious people who disagree and others who just don’t care.

The scientist would use all the things at their disposal to tell us why there has to be life on other worlds. The religious people would quote scripture and books to tell us why there isn’t. The rest would aimlessly wander from one camp to other, no guidance, no cares.

Neither of these reasons should matter to the wanderers. What should matter is what they think is real, what they believe is the truth.

Too often we–as humans often do–only listen to the one who speaks the loudest. It is the loudest voice that is heard. Our search for other worlds is only beginning as a species.

We are but children as a species and yet we let others do our thinking for us. We are the dominant ones on this planet. We rule, but as rulers we must listen.

Listening to those around us is what has doomed us before. Listening to our hearts, minds and those that came before us is what we should do.

Our hearts are where our life is from, as the Ancient Egyptians believed. Our mind is where our reasoning factors are, as scientists have proven. Those that came before us whisper in cave paintings and ancient texts.

We live here, but we’re just tourists on a planet that kicks us off when we reach a certain age.

None of us live forever, we’re recycled like the dinosaurs.

What can we do as a species to improve things? Answer in the comments.

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One Response to What Rulers Are We?

  1. Recognize other species have a place, too – and we must find a way to coexist since all is intertwined and are dependent on each other while in competition.
    Take only what you need and leave thing better as you travel through.
    And listen.

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