What paradox is this?

Typeface | Paradox

Typeface | Paradox (Photo credit: Metal Cowboy)

There are things, ways to come about our lives. These things are sometimes ignored. They don’t seem like something we would want to delve into. They are our rabbit hole. We tumble-down, our claws scratching the edges as we fall.

It’s this hole that creates the illusion we’re trapped above and not trying to claw our way out of one hole and spiral into another. These holes are filled with what we avoid, what we hate and most of all what we wish our lives could have been.

When we fall in the hole it creates a paradox of what we think we should be, and what we really are. Is it as T.S. Eliot says – Every experience is a paradox in that it means to be absolute, and yet is relative; in that it somehow always goes beyond itself and yet never escapes itself. 

Everything we do, every action we take relates to the other. This in a sense is why physicists say any type of time travel would cause a paradox. If we, the time traveler, go to the past and happen to step on a bug, would the world change when we return because of stepping on that one bug?

Our rabbit hole paradox and fault lies in the fact that we’re pulled to these things. We stretch out on the floor, the hole behind us, and grab the carpet. Holding on for dear life. For our darkest fears are in the hole.

Our life experiences move us through from Point A to Point B. These experiences are what we call our life. As we get older these experiences may haunt us, drag us down and possibly become too much for us to handle.

Finding your handle upon these experiences makes you the ruler of your world. We use beliefs, religions, science and psychology to understand our experiences.

But, what about fighting through them alone scares us?

Not having our gods, friends, family, doctors and therapists with us makes us feel vulnerable. The fact that these people are there, waiting for us, riding us until we discover our pain, deal with our pain and eventually come through the other side, clean and free.

Man is free at the moment he wishes to be. ~ Voltaire 

In our art we are free, in our lives we journey, in our peace we struggle, in our faith we sacrifice.

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3 Responses to What paradox is this?

  1. paulastewart55 says:

    Love it Brian!!

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