What Would First Contact Look Like?

Losing My Religion

Losing My Religion (Photo credit: Cayusa)

We stare at the images of far away worlds. Wondering what they’re like. Would finding out change who we are? Would it challenge our religion or would things just happen that we’re unable to anything about it?

I thought of these things lately while reading Existence by David Brin. This is the first time I’ve read any of his books, it won’t be the last.

I haven’t finished the book yet, but everything in the book made me ask these questions.

My wife and I talked about what would happen when we make first contact with an alien race. The subject came up because I was telling her about the book.

In the book each chapter is prefaced with a sort of essay written by a character in the book about topics discussed by the characters. That Mr. Brin was able to do this and not end up in an asylum intrigues me. I absolutely love his writing style, and the fact the he isn’t in an asylum makes me feel better about my writing.

I heard about the book on http://www.io9.com. It is one of my favorite sites and I check it out every day.

The ideas expressed in the book about society and how we perceive tech, humanity and our planet are things that make me want to write another book. I have an idea, but I have to finish my current project first.

These topics are something I’ve thought about and wondered about.

Would we as humans, thinking like humans worry about our religions and their relevance? This topic is too old. Did ancient civilization give up their religions once foreigners showed up. In some cases yes, others not so much.

Our world is our own. We’ve been here for thousands of years, in one form or another.

I don’t believe it would change who we are, it would only cause us to adapt to our new environment. Things change all the time for us. We adapt. The human race is built for adapting to new things.

These things can be creative, religious, political or scientific. But we always adapt. We adapt to things or like our ancestors, we die out.

What do you think first contact will look like? Answer in the comments.

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