Tragic Flaw


flaw (Photo credit: the|G|™)

Vanquish, languish. This world lasts for this list.

Seeing the rhythm, the style and the never ending smile.

The grasp, as crash another white blast.

It falls, crawls and stops us all.

We feel the pressure, the ride, the rush of never wanting to die.

Another push, another listed gift.

What is this rhapsody rift?

Collapse, relapse. Relax it’s just another dig.

At you, yes, you.

The one standing there thinking you’re all that.

The dude with the blue suit. Standing on the street thinking your shit don’t stink.

You think everything’s upbeat. Dancing on the ceiling, telling me I ain’t livin

I see your tragic flaw.

Your just another politician who won’t obey the law.

I see you wanting to jump up and talk, but your life ain’t what you thought.

It’s less than what it could be. You’re just another wannabe.

Get away before you crash. This life ain’t gonna last.

I’m here telling you, you’re gonna run out of gas.

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