Made In Dragon Fire

“I do not care what comes after; I have seen the dragons on the wind of morning.”
― Ursula K. Le GuinThe Farthest Shore

“Feature image courtesy of Zoe52 via Creative Commons”

Life is a lot like a dragon. It breaths fire, it has scales, it can soar if you let it and sometimes it eats things that most people wouldn’t touch.

When life breaths fire, do you run and hide or do stand in the flame and wait for it to kiss your lips. It’s the flame that makes you who you are. Staying in the fire works like a blacksmith.

It forges your life in front of you. Being molded in the dragon fire of life is the best way survive. Being molded in the fire keeps you strong. It makes you think about things you’ve done. The way you’ve lived your life and what you wish you would have done.

Our dragon fire stands out. It rests at the top of our lungs, waiting for us to expel it.

We see the fire in others, much the way a dragon knows another dragon is near.

We see their drive, the things that make them journey to the end of the earth for what they want out of life.

It’s finding this fire in ourselves, that helps us find out our goals, our lives and our true meaning.

Our true meaning will last forever, if done right.

What is a true meaning?

It’s our path, the thing we want. It can be a wish to be a writer, a doctor, lawyer, scientist or astronaut.

But within each of us the fire burns. It rises at times like the dragons wings, carrying us into the distance to the place we’re supposed to be.

When we find that place, we must grab it, hold on tight and never let go. It’s this place that our dreams are made.

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