Why I Went Vegan.

I’m Buddhist and I’ve been trying to decide if I could go Vegan or vegetarian. This debate had been going on in my head for the last ten years, until two weeks ago when my wife and I watched the movie I’ve linked below.

Vegucated Trailer

I’ve seen Food, Inc and a lot of other documentaries about how our food isn’t what we think it is, nor does it come from the sources we’ve been told. But what they show in this movie goes beyond what I believed to be happening.

The documentary is very well done. I decided after seeing what happens to male chicks when they sort them I could not longer continue eating the way I had been and still be able to look myself in the mirror, or be able to consider myself Buddhist.

When I look at people eating meat, I don’t try and talk them out of their choice, I just look away.

For the last week we’ve had good food, good Vegan/Vegetarian food, with minor slips into dairy.

I used to love ribs, my favorite, chicken, brisket and other types of meat, but after watching this movie, and thinking about how we treat the animals we consume, not to mention all the hormones that are pumped into them, I have to step back from the meat counter and forage through the produce section.

I’m only starting out, but I’ve learned a lot in a few weeks, a great cookbook helps.

We’ve been using the cookbook that goes along with the documentary Fork Over Knives. It is a wonderful Vegan cookbook. We also have the Tassajara Cookbook from the Tassajara Retreat at the San Francisco Zen Center.

My wife is enjoying the change, she’s not a big red meat eater anyway, so this doesn’t change a lot of things for her. The one thing that will be hard for us is dairy.

We are a egg eating, milk drinking, yogurt consuming family and this will be the hardest thing for us to change.

I think we’re up to the task and I’m looking forward to being healthier. My wife being healthier and our kids believing we don’t have to eat meat to be healthy.

My son isn’t a big meat eater anyway, he loves eggs, cheese and yogurt, as does our daughter. The change won’t effect them as much as us.

This will be a fun, more nutritious and compassionate environment. And that’s what every parent wants for their kids.


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