Find Your Life Path

Used Under Creative Commons license via Jen Son

Journeys start for reasons we can’t understand, or we just don’t want to understand. When we begin them, they stand out as markers in our life. Roads that we follow, wherever they may lead.

These roads are paths, stepping stones along our lives that lead to places we should be. Places where are our lives are better, or worse. But as we travel these roads we learn things about ourselves, our families and about humanity.

Travelling isn’t just about getting on a plane, ship, or train. It’s about making our way in the world. Finding out who we are and why we’re here. These things stand out for a few reasons.

When we’re born we don’t know anything. It’s along the road, through experiences, lessons and journeys that we discover who we are. We never truly know the answer. The closest thing we can find is through religion. Religion, or belief is what makes us different from other species.

We’ve always thought there is someone guiding us, as a race. This is proven in hieroglyphs  thousands of years old. A God.

But is that really what we’re looking for. Is our quest about religion, or something about who we are inside.

Is our path destined for great things, or are we reserved to the shallow end of life?

Why We’re Here.

We exist to better ourselves. This may be through art, writing or other things. But, in bettering ourselves we should be making the world better in the process.

If we’re standing around waiting for the world to get better and we’re not doing anything about it, we’re wasting our time.

There are many things we can do to help our fellow man. Writing is my choice. My wife chooses to paint, my son to play music, my daughter doesn’t know yet.

We find our paths moving toward something great. They’re always moving toward something great. We only have to look for it. Waiting doesn’t help, we must reach for the stars, they won’t come to us.

What is your choice? Answer in the comments.

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