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I’ve been working on the other blog for the last month or so and it doesn’t feel the same and I’m starting to lose interest in it, not to mention the money I’m spending.

When I started the other blog at, I thought it was a good idea to get a site with my name. Now things are different. I’m busier than I was, I have interest in a book I’m writing and I feel like things need to go back the way they were.

I’m stopping the other blog for a while, and stopping the payments to the host, since it’s not going to be used. I’m also stopping all the other things I’m paying for on that blog. Focus is a wonderful thing, and now I need more of it.

I’m coming back to, but I think I’m going to change a couple of things. I’m going to only be writing two posts a week and they’re going to be the same as always.

I need more time to write, and this will give me that without quitting my blog altogether, which I’ve considered.

I hate this dance of will I keep it, won’t I keep it, because it isn’t fair to the readers of the blog. I like blogging on and love the community on here. I’ve made a lot of friends and gained a lot of readers.

I think it’s time to start doing things I need to do. I’ll be pushing things out in the near future. Monday and Friday are the days I’ve chosen to write for.

I want to do self-hosted, but now isn’t the right time.

Any comments, questions, please ask below.


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6 Responses to Back To WordPress.Com

  1. Welcome back. It’s not perfect here, but it’s easy to work with – leaves time and brainpower for other projects (and you do have a lot going on)
    Glad you didn’t abandon it all! (2 posts a week is plenty!)
    Yea for sensible you

    • With self-hosted I felt like I needed a clone to get everything done. It felt like a waste of time to get little exposure for my writing. When I sale a book, then I’ll think about it again. It was learning experience and I’ll leave it that way. Thanks for your support Philosopher.

      • Keep getting pushed to make that jump – but there’s just so much time and energy – and you have to make choices. Authors seem to do Facebook – and maybe a WP blog. (who know what the future of marketing will be – it’s evolving)
        Always thought it was wise to have a techie kid growing up…kind of like they used to “train” boys to take over time consuming mowing the grass and yard work. (that comment was really a joke, but I am envious of those who do have kids like that)
        You got your feet wet – maybe a channel swim of that magnitude another time.

      • Thanks Philosopher. I’m lucky that my son is kind of techie kid, he’s only eight but he figures things out faster than I did. The best speech I heard was by Neil Gaiman about the changing marketplace. I listen to that speech once a month to remind to do, “good art”.

  2. susielindau says:

    .org is like a shiny new toy out in the distance that can’t ever be reached. They promise a lot of hits and you can pay for them, but there is no replacement for the real live people and community of .com

    • A shiny new toys that with plugins that need to be updated far too often. I like being able to come in, write and get on with things. The hits were less than I was getting on .com. The community on .com has been awesome. It’s the reason I like writing the blog, it’s also the reason I won’t go back unless I make a big book sale. Thanks for your comments as always Susie!

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