Creating Good Art.

English: Neil Gaiman, signing books after a re...

English: Neil Gaiman, signing books after a reading from “Anansi Boys” in Berkeley, 2005. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Changes in life are sometimes good. The past month has taught me about change, and why sometimes I should keep on keeping on with what I’m doing.

When I left I was having fun writing the blog. I then decided to jump ship and go to self-hosted, something I don’t intend to do again, unless it’s paid for by someone else.

My main reason for this blog is to connect with people. These people are writers, bloggers, philosophers, parents and those who share my pursuit of doing something not enough people do, be Epic.

Epic is a word taken from video games, mainly Word of Warcraft, a game I played for longer than I’ll admit, let’s just say I’m finally getting used to the light again.

In W.o.W.–World of Warcraft–Epic is the best gear you can get. Being Epic in the game meant you had the best gear from the best dungeons. I was Epic for a while on WoW.

After a while it became the same thing every week, for my wife and I.

When it comes to writing and being Epic the best example is Neil Gaiman‘s address to The University of Arts Class 2012 (Phi).

I listen to this speech once a month to remind me to, “Do Good Art.” I love Neil Gaiman his Sandman series and American Gods. They are some of my favorite writings.

His philosophy to do good art no matter what is going on in ours lives is the best speech, and when I first watched it, it’s something I knew would make an impact on me, and my writing.

As creatives we’re often trying to find the next thing. It doesn’t matter what the next best thing is. It matters that you “Do Good Art.”

I’ve written two novels, one horror, the other Y/A-Science Fiction. I’ve had one story published online, I write two blogs, and I’m always writing something else because my mind is always coming up with things.

I’m getting started on the second draft of the Y/A-Science Fiction book, the first novel, because of its content, is shelved. I love the story very much, but the current market conditions (vampires everywhere) don’t let them come out of the dark.

I write because it keeps other things at bay. I write because, honestly it’s one of the few things I believe I do well.

What are you doing to make “good art?” Answer in the comments.

p.s. If you’re curious about Neil Gaiman follow him on Twitter or tumblr. He’s one of my favorite writers. I love his dark style and the emotion and atmosphere he creates in his stories.

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  1. Lots to think about here. thanks

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