Creative Changes


I had a creative discussion with my wife about my writing recently. It concerned the current writing project and the changes it has undergone with the new draft. I’m still figuring it out myself, so bear with me.

It went something like this…

Me: What do you think of the way the new draft is coming?

Wife: It’s different, but I like it.

Me: Different how?

Wife: You can tell you’re focusing in on things more than the last draft. It feels more you.


There was more to our discussion, but you get the general gist that my writing has undergone a change.

I’m not sure if this is because I recently read The Great Gatsby, as I talked about in Monday’s post, or that my writing is advancing and I’m understanding how to write better.

I think it’s a little of both.

I’ve been trying to find a writing style that fits my poetic writing as well as the darkness that shows up in my writing every once in a while.

After reading Gatsby, I understood that poetic, sometimes flowery writing, as long as it’s not purple prose, can be done extremely well.

I’ve been afraid to write like this for a long time. I knew I could, but was afraid it would be looked at as too flowery, something that is I haven’t seen in Sci-Fi lately, but maybe I’m not looking in the right places.

This fear caused me to abandon a few stories I didn’t believe I had the writing chops for. After starting this second draft I believe it was fear the stopped my, not my ability to write well.

This fear stopped me from completing a story that I love, as well as one I knew would be welcomed by readers, especially those of the Gen-X crowd.

I’m finding my footing in this new style of writing, one I was afraid to do before reading The Great Gatsby. I take my hat off to F. Scott Fitzgerald for showing me the way.


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3 Responses to Creative Changes

  1. There’s a reader for every write. It’s just hard to get through the dating pool sometimes?
    No need to be afraid of the water.

  2. loustar02 says:

    Being yourself is always the right answer.

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