Being An Optimist Rewards Itself


“Optimism is the faith that leads to achievement. Nothing can be done without hope and confidence.” ~ Helen Keller

The American football season started this past weekend and like other football fans I’m filled with optimism for the coming season, but I’m a realist and a Cubs fan, so I understand things don’t happen the way we want them to.

With the start of the season my day job gets busier. Pouring drinks and stocking a lot of beer will be my normal weekend. I don’t usually watch much of the games, since I’m too busy stocking to look up, but I hope my team does well this season, or at least better than last season.

This type of optimism seems to come only when the season starts for most people. I’ve tried being optimistic about things as strongly as I am with my sports teams, but many times it doesn’t happen.

Over the last few months I’ve finished a new draft of my novel, started a new one and wrote a couple of short stories in between my two weeks I allow the book to sit, which I learned is a must do after my first book.

I’ve become more of an optimist as I’ve gotten older, had kids, become a practicing Buddhist and really started writing for me.

My optimism is something that some people think is just a façade and that I’m really thinking the same things they are about life, sorry, I’m not.

When a situation presents itself you can take the optimist view or the pessimist view, I’ve taken the optimist view more times than the pessimist.

I feel pessimists are lying to themselves about what is really going on, and who they are.

Finding who we really are is the reason we’re here. Lying to yourself about those things distracts from your every day life and what you choose to do with your life.

Being an optimist is self-rewarding. It allows you to take a path where you may fail or not, but you will always learn something from the experience.

Optimism is a dying thing in our busy always online, always moving world. We don’t want to look and say, “I think I can do that.”

We’d rather look ahead and say, “I can’t do it for this reason or that.”

We need more optimism in our society. It will pull us out of this funk we seem to be in, and may cause us to do things we haven’t thought of since the Space Race of the 60’s.

Be an optimist.


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2 Responses to Being An Optimist Rewards Itself

  1. Love your outlook. It’s hard to be optimistic with so many just willing to moan and wring hands…and find excuses. Just drags you down. Whine a bit – but please get up and do something to make it better or try a different solution. Is it mass depression or laziness? I don’t know, but enough already.
    Good post

    • I do think a lot of it depression. We’ve all been there. I’ve never met a creative person that hasn’t gone through at least some depression. Being optimistic about writing and life makes life easier. Thanks for your comments.

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