Having A Writing Space Involves Compromise

When we think of our space, we may think of a room quarantined off from the rest of the house. But there is much more.

There are certain things I want in a writing space.

  1. A place to write without distraction.
  2. A place where I can listen to music with my headphones and be left alone.
  3. Somewhere no one will talk to me.

These three things are not the way I write, for a couple of reasons.

  1. I don’t have vast amounts of money to create my own writing studio…:-(.
  2. I can’t afford a studio where I can blare music for four to five hours a day while I write.
  3. I have kids.

Here’s the compromise I’ve made with my wife, and kids.

  1. I have a desk, where I write and sometimes play games. But when it’s time to write I shut down the internet to avoid my mind drifting to Twitter, Tumblr, or whatever.
  2. I will listen to headphones while I’m writing so I don’t distract the kids. This is especially important when I’m writing an action scene and I have Hans Zimmer roaring in my ears.
  3. I will not let Twitter, Tumblr or Facebook get in the way of my creativity. This is really important in an election year since I’m politically minded.
  4. I will write until I get my quota, and maybe a little over if I’m in a good flow.

These lists are something I’m doing mainly to show that regardless of working 40 hours a week at a day job, dealing with kids–their homework–and life, I’m able to write for two to three hours a day, which if I write 1,000 words a night is 90k in three months.

If you have a family–wife, kids and dog, cat–you can find time to write or do anything else you want to do, and find the space as long as you work it out with others in the house.

In our house, I’m the one with the big dream, my wife understands this, as does my son. This dream is to one day be published, I’m not picky about how, just published.

I write Y/A-Science Fiction and regular Y/A, but I’ve found the time to write, that’s most important to writer. Finding time to do what you love is important. Without the words I put on the page every night I wouldn’t be me, I would care about who I am, but I am and I do.

What are you doing to find time to write, answer in the comments.



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3 Responses to Having A Writing Space Involves Compromise

  1. Nona says:

    Your list sounds like mine, and I am blessed to have that possibility waiting for me (the private office). The dogs are the only distraction, and they know they are not allowed upstairs where my office is located. Plus, they do a great job of entertaining themselves in the backyard with their balls and apples (they love eating apples that fall from our tree).

    Sadly, I haven’t made writing a regular habit since about June when we moved from Washington State to North Dakota. We’re settled now and beginning the chore of unpacking and putting everything in its place. My desk isn’t even put together yet, though the Hubs and I will be doing that this weekend. While I haven’t been writing, I have been reading and reviewing on a weekly basis, and it has been wonderful to read the different styles out there in such a way that I must put my thoughts, cohesively, on my blog. But I do *so* look forward to sitting at my desk with my music playing and the door closed, just me and my characters.

    I am glad that you and yours have been able to create a compromise. :o) It makes the writing more enjoyable when there is no possibility of guilt at the action.

    • Marriage and kids is about compromise. There is always something going on you have to compromise on. Writing space is one of the easier ones. Glad you’ve found a place to call your own. Thanks for your comments Nona!

  2. I write in between things…in the middle of things. But it’s really hard when people come in and just start talking and expect answers – or ask questions.
    Some day I will once again have a space and music (I select) and not have to stop every 30 seconds and with luck a door….meanwhile, just manage most of the time without screaming ( Ok once a week screaming is within limits)…it will be quiet around me soon enough – won’t rush it.

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