Be The Writer You Want To Be


Thinking (Photo credit: Moyan_Brenn)

For the past few weeks I’ve tried to work on my novel. There have been problems along the way.

  1. Since reading The Great Gatsby and learning not to be afraid of how I write and just doing it and not caring what anyone thinks–I’ve had older stories, these are the novel I’ve already written and stories that just pop in my head, which has happened more often.
  2. Since I’ve changed my writing style completely, I’m having to rewrite this draft–not revise–which has become a pain the ass.

Since this writing change, thanks to Mr. Fitzgerald. I’m really thinking about what I write and not blowing through it. Which is something I’ve always done, with every draft.

This change has made me more aware of what I write, as well as what I shouldn’t. There really is a difference.

When I look at the first draft, and the way it was written, I see things differently. I see things through eyes that have never seen the story before. I feel like I’ve had guidance from the writing gods, something I’ve heard about, but never thought existed.

The problem with this guidance is the difference in the stories, and they are different in tone, POV and dramatically different in voice.

These things have come about because I fear my writing less. I feel things better, I’m seeing things better, and the voice of my characters are like Meadow Larks in the morning, one of my favorite sounds.

I see all I have left to write, but I also see the difference between all of my other writing’s tone and voice and the new one.

Things are changing in my writing, and they are enormous. I see things I never thought about putting in, I see the room around my character as if I were there. These are the times I wish I could draw, I suck at it.

I’ve found that trusting your brain and the way you want to write is the way you should write and ignore your thoughts about the writer you should be and embrace the writer you want to be.

Being the writer you want to be is more important in the end.

Are you being the writer you want to be? Answer in the comments.

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4 Responses to Be The Writer You Want To Be

  1. Nona says:

    Brian, so TRUE! We can get utterly caught up in the rules, and what others say that we lose our Voice and style – the two things that make us who we are in regards to writing. Speaking from personal experience, when we try and emulate others and follow every rule that others say we should follow to be a true writer, we miss out on our true future as a writer. Yes, we should use our understanding of the rules and regulations of writing to write the best manuscript, but in the end we need to be true to the story, our characters, and our Voice/Style. Otherwise, we’re just trying to be someone we aren’t.

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  3. bbookbabes says:

    Thank you for the pingback! Good luck with your novel!

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