Lost Journey

Journey of Discovery | In Tula

Journey of Discovery | In Tula (Photo credit: landrovermena)

We think of being lost as something about our mind, our soul or our physical person.

Being lost has many things to it. When a person is in a coma, are they still there or is their mind wandering, like Alice. When we die does our soul take a journey to someplace. When our physical self is in the middle of a mall, we’ve never been to, are we lost or are we looking for something to guide us.

Each of these has its relationships to the other.

A coma is our bodies way to repair itself, it shuts things off that don’t need to be working, so other things can be fixed.

Our soul, and its journey, make us find who we are. Our soul is always with us, guiding us, telling us things. Like our little conscience.

When we die, and discover our true ending, will we be happy with our choice. There is only that coming, choice.

Our choice of journey is what guides us, makes us whole and puts us in a place we need to be.

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